Monday, 27 August 2012

Careers In your major !!

Why/How to Specialize for  a Global Master’s Degree ??

This was the theme of the recently conducted webinar on 25th August at 10 pm by Biren and Me 

Are you someone who recognizes the potential of a field and pursues it or are you someone who focuses only on a secure job and a full pay packet? What is the sunrise sector today may not be tomorrow, if you have chosen straight & narrow path? Where do you go then.

Do you have it in you? What will be the area of opportunity ten years later?

It is great to have opportunities around us and make the most of them when they arrive; you need to find out whether you are going to be at the helm of change or at the tail-end of it.

Advantages of Choosing a Specialization:

·         Gain deeper insight in one particular sub-discipline
·         Gives an edge for a job opening

How to Specialize:

Study the emerging trends, and map your interests. The course that you choose to apply for will depend on your qualification, electives taken, related projects, seminars, papers presented, industrial training, internship and / or related work experience.

Someone had rightly said “Make hay while the sun shines”, since opportunities knock your door only once in the lifetime, make the most of them.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beyond GRE /GMAT scores

 Curious to know more...
              ..  and you always thought that GRE scores were your passport to maketh your dreams of getting into a top global masters program.

This was the theme of the Webinar I hosted along with Biren; on skype  on Friday , 17th August at 10pm.

We are not to be blamed , our entire DNA has been designed in such a fashion since the age of 3 , where our minds have been trained to ready ourselves for competitive aptitude tests similar  to GRE /GMAT which have fetched us admissions to schools and also fetched us top MNC jobs .

What  the Graduate schools look at are not aptitude test GRE /GMAT scores alone , but a sum total of your entire self  while seeking deserving candidates for admissions .
It is a subjective selection process where:

 "the sum of parts  > WHOLE YOU "

So, let it is worth working on your overall profile rather than fretting  over low aptitude test scores ... after all its just  a four hour test , which does not decide your entire future.

More on this block ... coming up next   ..Key Admission Criteria 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Success story

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.  ~Confucius

Those are the very words with which I had started my statement of purpose - the one that got me where I am today. After my Masters at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), I was sure that I wanted to take my research experience to the next level, but didn't quite know the right channels to explore. My struggle with a very myopic view of the admissions process led me to failures despite having an appealing profile.

It was not until I was introduced to Ms. Biruda that I was able to understand the big picture, and consequently, the right way to approach the application process. With her able guidance, I secured multiple admits from prestigious universities in the US (Ivy league, no less) and have been pursuing my PhD at Texas A&M University since Fall 2008. Here, not only have I been pursuing research in an area that I am passionate about, but I have also established and worked for organizations that benefit hundreds of new students that come from India every year to TAMU to chase their dreams and aspirations. I am sure that my experience with the needs of these students and also relating to those of my own when I was in their shoes not too long ago gives me the ability to reach out to a lot more potential graduate students who are/will be going through the rigours of the admission process.

It is with this attitude of service that I decided to join forces with Ms. Biruda and established GradConsulting with a view to helping aspirants focus their efforts towards securing admissions in well reputed universities around the world and making the transition to these universities. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Transforming others aspirations ...

            In order  to do well  in a highly competitive world ,  one has to have a set of skills  and belief  in "ONESELF". This is the conviction I have lived by.

Due to the ever encouraging nature of my father ,I  pursued my MS in CS from TAMU in 1999. I worked in the IT industry for a couple of years before taking a family break in 2000. 
After a returning to India, I realized that Bangalore had a lot of opportunity in the field of Education Management , that’s when I decided to utilize the experience and  exposure that I have had to the American Education System and Culture during my stay in the country from 1997 until 2001; by ably guiding students in their pursuit of Global Education.
Thus, during this journey  of working in the field of Education Counseling and coaching for the past 10+ years, as an Admission Consultant,  I have assisted  about 1000+ students  in presenting  professionally refurbished profiles, appropriately  edited and evaluated to suit the requirements of several top notch Global universities and have a 100 % track record of having guided them to secure admission in the same.
iGradGlobal will serve as a platform for interaction and information for all those aspiring for a reputed Global Degree.

This blog has been jointly initiated by my former student Mr Biren and Ms Biruda both Alumni of TAMU , USA