Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Do you really need 40 lacs in the bank to study abroad ??

Here I would like to pen  down my thoughts in this very first blog  in an attempt in  narrating some of my experiences during this journey of 12 long years guiding various  students in their pursuit for global studies.

A very recent experience that comes to my mind, as I recollect details about how important  right  information collation is.

Last week, we had  been for  a seminar at  a college in the outskirts of the city of Bangalore .

As usual , I began the session by asking them the reasons they all wanted to study abroad

The enthusiastic 3rd year participants came up with various reasons based on their priorities some said : good jobs  , nice pay package while same said best education

While these reasons were right in their own way, how does one ensure that you are at the right place at the right time , here  the right parameters for university , program , location selection become very important.

The session proceeded and took interesting turns where we went to discuss the admission process time line , the admission criteria for MS in USA and other countries , how to prepare for the entrance exams like GRE , TOEFL, IELTS , most importantly how to plan this time consuming process.

Q & A session was  a relevation , I was stunned to know how students believe in hearsay , blindly follow herd mentality and apply to universities that an X friend of theirs would have applied to , get misguided by false claims like assured admits , randomly select the course they want to apply to without  thinking whether they are eligible for it or not , dread the visa process before even getting an admission .One of the questions threw me totally off guard " Mam , I am from a middle class family do I need to show 40 lacs in my bank before the I can apply for MS , I was speechless as to how students believe in just anything that is been told without verifying the facts

This experience makes me only reiterate that in this age and time  where you  have internet to help you with information at your finger tips , don't let the information overload confuse you , verify details from the right sources like university websites , the admission team at the universities and trusted mentors

Do note its not 40 lacs that gets you an admit in a top global university program , its your merit and hard work,  that does get you.

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