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Friday, 19 February 2016

Financing your Global Masters - Its all about money management

Just yesterday, we were at the UVCE College conducting a seminar.

In an attempt to get started, I asked the students what is first  thing that comes to your mind when you think of study abroad , pat came the reply "MONEY". 

I was happy to get this unison answer thinking that they were thinking of the immense earning potential after pursuing MS, but soon realized the look of concern on their faces was about the affordability of the program

For most students who aspire to get an admit into top global universities, have the potential do so, yet dread the costs that accompany this.

How to do work on a plan that is easy on your parents pocket and yet helps you bag a dream admit.

First advice would be to look at Pursuing a GLOBAL MS  as a long term investment in terms of money , time and benefit. 

Here are some sources and ways that could help you fund your cost of education:

 “Scholarship for international students is always merit-based not need-based”

}Scholarships – Based on merit from universities
}Part – time work options on campus upto 20 hours per week.
}Student Loans – Banks provide loan upto 20 lacs
}Personal funds like sponsor’s PF,savings ,FD’s etc
}Scholarships  from India like BPCL, Tata endowment etc.

Let’s look at the payback scenario after MS program
Typical Cost  of  MS  20  - 30 lacs
                    with internship  save    5 lacs
Assistantships reduce  tuition to  1/3rd
                            Starting salary in US:
Graduate from [say in top 50]  75k to 110k US$ per year
Average starting package in US is around US$ 65k per  year
Considering the living expenses, you will be able to repay your loan in a year

Thus what matters here is the considering this as a well spent effort in terms of time ,money and effort and thus becoming a well groomed global resource.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Its raining admits @ iGradGlobal - Persistence is the key to Success

Here are the recent success stories at iGrad  for Fall 2016:

  • UG - PURDUE - COMP Science
  • MBA -  TEPPER- Carneige Mellon and ISB , Southern Methodist Univ -  COX school of business 
  • MIS - SUNY BUFFALO - waitlist
  • MS Computer Science - Santa Clara Univ , Univ of Texas -Dallas

As I pen down these thoughts, I am wondering what has made our students make it to TOP Universities 

While traversing through this time consuming journey, some call  us as rude, some call us aggressive , but if that makes them succeed and get the best  , then so be it .
Whether it is a fresher or someone with even 15 years work experience ,all are treated alike with the same  belonging  and accountability and responsibility  as one big family and this relation goes a long way .

 Practice persistence - Most people give up when they are about to achieve success - they quit on the one yard touch down line  Remember Persistence is the single most common quality of all achievers across the globe.
These  students have achieved success through persistence  and hard work , you too can be one of them...

Looking forward to sharing  more SUCCESS STORIES  
​in the coming days ...​