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Monday, 24 April 2017

USA tightens immigration : Boon or Bane for Indian Students

I just received a call today from a student, Mam I have an admit from UTD and UIC I am skeptical whether I should go to USA , which prompted me to come up with this blog article

Over the last few days, you might have come across a lot of  proposed changes to the H-1B Visa reform and its impact on your ability to secure a job post your degree in USA.

First and foremost do not go by hear say, have the strong conviction and just go  ahead and apply for higher studies if you have decided to  , each year there are different phases . which will pass sometimes there is a recession phase, there was a time when the rupee got devalued and hence students got worried but that phase has passed, this year its about immigration policies 

Here is iGradGlobal's 2 cents on this:

  • These newer immigration orders  are just proposals and will take time to implement  and become a law only if they get complete support
  • There is nothing against student community, students are still encouraged to apply 
  • There is opposition  not for granting work permit on the whole , but to minimize the loop holes in the system like reducing the middle men , better wages , work permit based on merit not luck
  • This will in turn  streamline the OPT requirement ,if the H1 visa is skills based , you can still have a one year OPT and get a job you deserve in fact with much better wages  
  • Lastly, why is it always going to US that is synonymous with going abroad , what with our students having bagged admits in top world universites in Netherlands- TU Delft, Germany- Hamburg, Canada- Ottawa , Australia - Sydney 
Overall, what we  advise is that students weigh the pros and cons and then decide pragmatically and not just through hearsay 

All the best
Happy Global Studies !!               

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