Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MBA Student Testimonial - the Best motivation

Here is a student testimonial This is what keeps me going ..these motivating words of my students...

I was enrolled with iGG during my application process where biruda was my mentor. I had also conisidered a couple of other counselling institutions but I found her the most competent and effective.
My journey with her's been phenomenal. A tremendous advantage with IGG is that you can counsel with her online - skipping the hassle of travelling and waiting for appointments with counsellors. I was surprised to see her respond almost instantly to my queries, and there were barely any barriers for accessibility and I could decide the kind of interaction evertime - be it audio call, skype discussion or email conversation.
Another benefit is an extremely well-organized and professional approach. Her guide documents, application planner, shortlisting criteria for universities and mock interviews proved highly beneficial. I loved the way she organized schools of my choice into aspirational and achievable categories. She always worked towards achieving a mid point between my aspirations and the realistic picture. I'm supremely impressed by her systematic guidance and encouraging attitude.
I also highly appreciated her emphasis on a well - rounded application. She never burdened me with unattainable exam goals but instead stressed upon overall grooming and developing strong documents. Her orientation on starting early was an important step which awarded me with sufficient time to build a very strong application and also gave me reaction time incase of set backs. Most schools I applied to very highly competitive and hence being proactive gave me a strong lead.She is abrest with most of the latest courses and universitites/ schools. I was surprised to receive various tips and guidelines about competitive exams, though out of her scope. In short, she is someone who will deliver results and not just talks."

Nazm Singh - Class 2014 MBA Babson 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hacking the GMAT in 8 days