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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Recommendations(LORs) - the long and short of it ...

While applying for admission what are some key ingredients which make a winning application

Most forgotten - Reference letters, how do they add to the storyline..

Did you know that how your professors or boss perceives you,  has a direct impact on your application , better be in their good books

Lets understand the WHO, WHAT ,HOW of these letters


People who know you technically /professionally, not peers , uncles and friends please, identify 3 such people who can vouch for you


Does not contain a   list of adjectives , but endorse your soft skills which are  otherwise not reflected in your marksheets like good research , leadership skills  through examples and incidences

These are sent mostly online through application forms by providing their official ids and receiving a link and updating the content.

NOTE:These are confidential letters not to be seen by the applicant.
             The designation and qualification of the recommendor does not matter , as much the content and relevance


a bad reference can turn an admission decision , after all its other people's opinion about you that also matters in securing that coveted ADMIT !!