Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Visa Tips : Here are some tips to get you started

·         Be yourself, be honest and try to relax.
·         Be prepared.  Make sure you understand the process and have researched the university.  Speak to current students.
·         Know your resume and cover letter.  Anticipate questions and consider responses.  Understand what your strengths and skills are and how best to highlight them through examples.
·         Understand your own goals and objectives:  to make a favorable impression, to collect information about the university and to assess your own “fit”.
·         Be sure to ask the interviewers about issues that are important to you.  Engage in conversation and ask questions that show you are interested in the university and the type of work.  Try not to be too "scripted" or prepared but remember to adapt to the conversation (i.e.. sometimes answers to questions can appear "canned").  Get a feel for the university: the values, opportunities for continuing education and growth, social atmosphere etc.

·         Wear comfortable business attire
·         Common Interviewing Mistakes
·         Lack of preparation: no knowledge of university’s research areas.
·         Nervousness: try to relax: remember on paper you have already met the University standards.
·         Not listening to question asked: be responsive and ask for clarification if unsure.
·         Not engaging in conversation: interact with the interviewers and ask questions.
·         Being too scripted or prepared.  
·         Going overboard on flattering the university: unfortunately, this rarely comes across as sincere.   
·         Not showing enough interest in the university: we want people who want to be here.
·         Forgetting that dinners/cocktails parties are still part of the interview/selection process.
·         Not having an answering machine or cell to enable university to reach you during the week.

Monday, 9 March 2015

How and Why to Specialize for Master's abroad

Hi Folks,

As I pen down my thoughts today, I am reminded of the conversation I had with a 3rd year ECE student from Vellore Institute of Technology . Recently , University of Michigan -Dearborn had visited his college campus and had spoken to them about some courses that they offer like MIS, Business Analytics,  Big Data

Hey, wait a minute , I think these buzz words have been doing circles a lot these days , you may  call this subject  the " IN THING" for pursuing your MS degree in ..currently. Like any one else , this student wanted to do his MS degree from UMich -Dearborn in these courses any other trendsetter ..

When I spoke to him - - I in my usual mentoring gesture , tried to explain that he needs, to give it thought, is this really what he wanted to do , has he checked what these subjects really mean, what job will they land him in and most importantly will his profile of being an ECE student help him secure an admit in one of these courses

Thus I would like to urge all the Global Aspirants - whether MS, PHD , MBA , do give it a thought ...

What is the trend  today may not be there tomorrow, if you have chosen the subject ? Where do you end up  Do you have it in you to make it big in this field ? What will be the opportunity ten years later in this subject ?

Why Specialize?
•       Gain a deeper insight in one particular sub-discipline
•       Get an edge for a job opening owing to special skills 

How to choose the specializations:

The course that you choose to apply for will depend on your qualification, electives taken, related projects, seminars, papers presented, industrial training, internship and / or related work experience and your career goals.

It's time you ponder on these why and how questions when you are planning for your global degree to make full use of various opportunities available.

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