Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Student Testimonial

Thanks Igrad global


Monish Chandrasekar

6:02 AM (3 hours ago)
to meAnuradha
Hi Biruda,
Hope you are doing good! :)
I joined Rochester Institute of Technology. Sorry for informing so late! I moved to NY on 14th August.
I settled down on the accomodation, with the help of few folks on FB.The college is very good in terms of research and opportunities. People out here are very friendly. I managed to make it till here now :D. I'm currently looking for on campus jobs to compensate on some of the expenses.
It was a pleasure getting guidance from Igrad global. Thanks for all your support and guidance!
If any new students from Igrad are joining next fall/spring. I would definelty look forward to help them out with respect to RIT, because I saw how hard it is to set things up without knowing anybody here :)
Best wishes!

Congrats Monish , as I read this mail from him , can't express how happy we all at iGrad are for him 

Monish  was referred by our  past student Sourabha who has completed her MBA for SPjain Global He was aspiring for a degree either in CS or MIS , he has successfully secured an admit in UMBC for MIS for Spring 2016 , but decided to take up the CS admit in Rochester Institute of Technology with a scholarship. Way to go Monish , all the best and stay in touch .

Monish can be contact at Monish Chandrasekar <> for any info on his sucess story any inputs on RIT 

Wow it's Dr Biren Parmar today ...

Down memory lane, I can still vividly remember the day I first met Biren Parmar, like any other aspiring student in the year 2008 November, when most Fall  deadlines were very close for applications.

  With great reluctance,at first  decided to take up his case since we were a little in PHD applications . After a lot of discussions , we settled for a mix bag approach on the applications instead of applying for all PHD applications and putting all eggs in one basket , we also looked at ECE departments instead of Biomedical Engineering which broadened the scope.

Biren succeeded and secured some very good admits ,one among them been TAMU from which he graduated a few days back with doctoral degree.

Wow  it's Dr Biren Parmar now , so I better be careful how I address him now ..

For iGrad and me this association has been more than just a student and mentor one , its been 8 long years we have known each other and families have connected as well, he has been more than an advisor and guide at times for iGrad , infact the whole idea of iGrad stemmed from his encouragement that I start a platform for student interaction.He has been instrumental in portal development , team mentoring or spreading the word about iGrad among the student community.
So much so that Manisha , his wife is also helping us with the design work at iGrad.

There are so many students that I have interacted with through my journey of admission guidance , some of them hold a special mention and place .Here at iGrad, our students stay connected with us for life, we believe in going beyond the usual consultant role and try to connect on more personal touch., this joy knows no bounds  when we are remembered and invited to be part of the wedding celebrations or  graduations or are consulted on which job to take up or are informed abt the contact number when u land there ... this shows we are bonded for ever

All the best Biren, and may you succeed in your career !!

If you or your peers feel that we have made a small fraction of  difference to your career in any way, do help spread the word across

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