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Friday, 10 February 2017

Is F1 student visa likely to become stringent-with new immigration policies ?

Visa - the travel permit to your dream destination !!
Do's -
Key factors :
  • Proper Financial documents,
  • Admit in reputed/related Universities,
  • Good Academics and competitive test scores
  • Most common  reasons for denial and workarounds thereof .
  • Missing documents
  • Sound like potential immigrant
How to prepare for the interview - some generic questions listed here
  • Why MS
  • Why this Univ
  • Why are you leaving your job
  • What after MS
  • Who is sponsoring you
  • What does your sponsor do.
Some  general advice:
  • Be on time
  • Don't carry too many/ unecessary docs (refer to the website for the required document), plastic bags, mobile etc
  • Dress neatly
  • Be audible and clear  to the officer,  do not lie / or hide information.
  • Read up some past student experiences

Conclusion :
Remember the interview is all about how confident you sound , how convicingly you speak and how well you articulate your points.

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