Saturday, 6 October 2012

1 yr vs 2 yr MBA

Advantage of 1 year programs over 2 year programs

1. An equivalent degree in half the time and cost.
2. The lost opportunity cost of not having a job for 2 year.
3. Despite the shortened academic experience, MBA employers tend to award one-year grads the same starting salaries they pay MBAs of two-year programs. In fact, several schools report that their one-year MBAs make slightly more than graduates of their traditional programs, largely the result of differences in work experience.

Advantage of 2 year programs over 1 year programs

1. Losing out on the summer internship which is almost a yardstick of recruitment.
2. Losing out on networking and socializing with future co-workers. 
3. 2 year programs almost always are less than 2 years in tenure by a couple of months at least.
3. Limited number of schools offering the one year MBA program.
4. One major distinction between most of the one-year U.S. programs and the European MBAs is that the U.S. versions generally require a business undergraduate degree and/or a bunch of core prerequisites.

The Best One-Year MBA Programms in the U.S.
SchoolTution FeesIntake
Notre Dame(Mendoza)$61,60065
Boston University$71,00627

Source: Poets and Quants, Official Websites.

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