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Dear Biruda,

Thank you for your support.
I am delighted to inform you that I got admit recommendation from
University of Maryland. Please help to work further.

Warm Regards,
Laxminag Mamillapalli  Hyderabad  Vanderbilt University - USD 20,000 scholarship

“It is been a journey for me , as i started my application process long back in July . Her counseling sessions , preparation for an interview and the care to complete the application is commendable. She guided me through and made sure that I will get an admit . You can reach out to her at any point during the process at any time . She stuck with my decisions and helped me achieve my goals. It was my pleasure working with her and I'm really thankful for the time you took out for the applications.All the best !!!!” April 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
1st Pradyumna N  hired Biruda as a Career Counselling in 2011

Hi Biruda,

Thank you very much for your support and guidance through out the process. The mock interviews and preparation sessions were really helpful. The follow up mails and skype sessions have been really helpful. You always made sure we are updated with all the details regarding the admission procedure. Thank you very much for that dedication.
Thanks and Regards,
Sourabha J

“I have been receiving career consultation from Biruda since September 2010 till today and it has been a worthy experience. Her in-depth knowledge about every university in the world amazes me. She is a very knowledgeable, approachable and vastly experienced. All through the process, right from giving GMAT till getting an admit, she has been very supportive and helpful. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with her and realize my dreams of attaining a deserving admission in a reputed university.” April 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
1st Prakash Kamath  hired Biruda as a Career Coach in 2010

“Biruda has been very helpful throughout the application process. She is very hardworking, well organized, disciplined and very well knows how to manage things and meet deadlines. The quality of her that amazes me most is that she remembers every small detail of all her clients and never misses any point. Her knowledge about the universities across the world is commendable. She is easily accessible and very patient in listening to the clients and giving them the right advice. I wish her all the success in her career.” May 1, 2011
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
1st Sanjeev Pandey  hired Biruda as a Career Coach in 2010

This is what I have to say:

I think the Application Counselling program has been really helpful throughout. I can actually feel the
difference it has made to the entire application process. And the fact that I actually ended up referring a friend of mine to join the program speakes volumes about it.

Mihir G  - MBA  SCM - University of British Columbia Class 2014

“When I first met Biruda, I didn't even have a clear direction for my career aspirations. Her career counseling sessions helped me understand my strengths and weakness.Using her exceptional knowledge of courses abroad she guided me in the direction of a course which fits me best. Thanks to this guidance I was able to get admitted in 5 out of 6 universities which I applied abroad.
She is also a very enthusiastic person, being around her makes you feel positive! Its been a pleasure knowing her.” April 6, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st Saipriya Kamath  hired Biruda as a Career Coach in 2010

I received a lot of help with regards to enhancing and presenting my profile to attract the B-Schools.
May it be editing essays, filling application forms, sending communications to B-Schools, I always got everything reviewed through Biruda, even at very short notice. The reviewed material was highly succinct.
I never hesitated to call Biruda for even the slightest of doubts and received clear solutions in return. At times, I even called for motivation and received lots of it in return.
To sum it all, I would say I am highly grateful for all the help I received for my applications for MBA. 

Thanks and Regards
Rahul Kewale (Mumbai)  - MBA  ESADE ,Spain  Class 2013

 “She is a schedule-works-best person, and helped me to complete loads of application processes in time thanks to her impeccable commitment in sticking to the schedule. Thanks to her that I managed to go from donno-what-to-do to I-got-5-outof-5-admits. Extremely helpful in bringing out the best out of a person, and in providing expert guidance in matters of college admissions. She knows the pros and cons of vast majority of courses and colleges that its better to follow her advice than to rely on the questionable ratings. Thanks to her that I was able to choose between a couple of very different courses when I was in a big dilemma, and further on to get the best out of the selected course with admission from every university applied.” April 22, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
1st Karthik Ananthasubramanian  hired Biruda as a Career Coach in 2009

Hi Biruda,

Thank you for your support and guidance. With your help, I have got into two MBA schools:

University of Maryland, Smith- Admitted with a GA (overall, 19k per year)
(After assuming GA for 2 years, fees: USD 57k)

University of Pittsburgh, Katz- Admitted with a scholarship (overall 7.5k per year)
(After deducting the scholarship for 2 years, fees: USD 41k)

Anant Bhatia (Pune)

“After talking to her, all my concerns and inhibitions about the whole Visa procedure just faded away..! she is just so personable and explains the things in a very clear and convincing way. Frankly, I was li'l skeptical about consulting her since she is Bangalore and I was in NOIDA and wondered how all this is gonna be held. But inspite of the distance, she successfully conducted the sessions and guided me no less effective than a face-to-face interaction. I would strongly recommend her service for her expertise and experience..!” June 27, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st Hrishikesh Deshpande  hired Biruda as a Visa Consultant in 2010

 “Her awareness about opportunities abroad is amazing. Personally, she helped me nail down the areas in my profile that needed working on as I was applying to universities in the US for my PhD. In fact, with her inputs I was able to convert 5 out of my 9 applications into admits - many of them with scholarships too. Further, her way of handling the visa application process was admirable - right from conducting sessions by professionals, down to offering highly personalized tips and alternatives. She has a lot of patience, a lot of knowledge and wisdom that people stand to benefit from.” May 18, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st Biren Parmar  hired Biruda as a Career Coach in 2008

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