Friday, 3 May 2013

Excerpts:2013 Visa Interview Mumbai Counsellate

Name: Nazm Bilochpura
Degree: Chartered Accountancy, Bachelors in Computer Applications

 Work Exp/Company Name: 2 years work ex. Companies :- Lancers Army Schools Trust, Estrela  hotels and resorts

GRE/GMAT & TOEFL /IELTS  scores : GMAT - 680, Toefl- 103

 Program Applied to : MBA

 Universities applied to : Babson, Oxford, will apply to LBS


 Admits /Interview Calls received so far  (specify names)- Babson, Oxford

 Scholarships if any USD : $15,000

Interviewer - Goodmorning ! Give me your I-20 and passport.
Me - Goodmorning Sir (Remember to wish cheerfully and confidently)

Interviewer - So going to Babson eh ? Which course are you going to do there?
Me - Yes. I'm going for my Masters in Business & Management

Interviewer - Ok, and what have you done in your education ?
Me - I'm a CA, and have also done my Bachelors in Computer Applications

Interviewer - When did you finish your last degree ?
Me - By Jan 2012

Interviewer - What did you do after that ?
Me - I was working in my family business, etc.... (I described my work)

Interviewer - And what was your salary there?
Me - My reply. ( I mentioned current salary only)

Interviewer - Good. So Who's going to pay for your education? 
Me - My employers are sponsoring me. I work for my family owned partnership firm, so they are taking care of my expenses.

Interviewer - What is your firm's Turnover ? or its profits.
Me - T.O this year has been ........, and profits have been.......... I have their latest ITRs with me. (but he didn't check them)

Interviewer - and what are your parents' share of profits from the firm
Me - (I fumbled here.... But gave an honest answer). Umm, my dad's share is XYZ I'm not very sure of my mother's share.Basically,the firmt's paying, with support from my Dad.

Interviewer - Hmm... and where else did you apply for admission ? and what happened there?
Me - Oxford and LBS. I got through Oxford, but things didn't materialize. Haven't heard from LBS so far. So I decided to go in for Babson. I'm getting a scholarship from Babson, so thats contributed to my decision

Interviewer - Great. So now, You can collect your passport.
Me - Collect my passport ? Now? (They said that to my Brother last time when his visa got rejected. They return passports immediately then !)

Interviewer - (Smiles) Collect it after 4-5 days. Your visa's been approved :) 

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