Monday, 12 August 2013

Choosing the specializations for Masters Abroad!!

Have you always wondered about the how , why and where of pursuing a specialization during your Master's degree abroad

Here are some guidelines to be followed 

It is great to have opportunities around us and make the most of them when they arrive; you need to find out whether you are going to be at the helm of change or at the tail-end of it.
Are you someone who recognizes the potential of a field and pursues it or are you someone who focuses only on a secure job and a good pay packet?
Why Specialize?
       A deeper insight in one particular sub-discipline
       An edge for a job opening
What is the sunrise sector today may not be tomorrow, if you have chosen the straight & narrow path? Where do you go then? Do you have it in you? What will be the area of opportunity ten years later?

Do note:

The course that you choose to apply for will depend on your qualification, electives taken, related projects, seminars, papers presented, industrial training, internship and / or related work experience and your career goal.

Next in the series .. Interdisciplinary Courses - MIS , MEM , MS Mgmt etc.

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