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Choosing the right global MBA


 It is imperative to know the reason. Preparing for an MBA is more of introspection
Hence explain the reasons to pursue the degree abroad (becoming a global resource being one of them) Ask yourself questions like, what do I want to do 5 years from now?
What am I? (Personality wise), what do I know? (Technically, professionally)

1. Survey of 2004 GMAC shows a 56% increase from 48,000 – 82,000. Wider range of Business knowledge.
2. Enhance in your own field or own employer (paid training)
3. Elective in emerging fields like Telecom Management, IT, E-Commerce, gives an opportunity to expand career options.
4. Your current interests or aptitude don’t match the work or degree you have.
5. It teaches you to be a team player; the alumni network across the globe (helps you to become a global resource on the hiring front to)

Benefits of a Global MBA Degree

         Increase earning potential
         Career Enhancement
         Expand career options(emerging field)
         Career Switch
         Become a Global Resource (Networking)

How to enter? Which are the requirements to be admission?

Devise an Action Plan

  • Explore Career options (earning potential post MBA).Know why you are doing MBA
  • Interact with program coordinator, Look at catalogs to short list/ Rate the            Program, alumni current students.     
  • Prepare for GMAT + TOEFL  (3 – 4 months)
  • Select B- schools(5) of interest
  • Be sure of the B- School choice (APPLY)
  • Proof read your essays
  • Prepare a neat applicant packet
  • Take the optional  interviews


Choosing B-schools Abroad
Parameters for selection -Do NOT choose based on rankings alone. Do not base you judgment on hearsay. Analyze your needs and what does the program offer. Does the deliverables of the program fit your future professional needs?

  • Career Goals - ask yourself the reason for doing the MBA- career change, enhancement, go up the financial ladder,
  • Program Flexibility & Curriculum ( Electives or Specializations)  -- updated Curriculum, mix of theory & Application, case study
  • Faculty Expertise & Quality
  • Career Placement
  • Reputation of the Program & Ranking -General Mgt, specialisation.
  • Location - job, placements, internships, cost of living ,
  • Length of the Program -, 1yr, two yr
  • Cost of the Program & Financial  impact
  • Student Body &Culture

1.      Where to study?
  • USA. MBA Programs in the US are well-known; because they exist longer, have more credibility and worldwide recognition. Furthermore, the American economy has stronger influence in the world, and the American schools have good infra-structure, resources and a more international student body.
  • Europe. There are very good schools. European programs are focusing on International Business, which attracts students from all over the world.
  • Canada. The country has good schools and a high level of development in the economy and social life.
  • Asia. The programs are more focused on local needs.
  • Australia. The programs are more focused on their local needs, as Asian Programs.

2.      The best schools
The best schools – USA
·         Chicago –Finance and Marketing
·         Stanford – General Mgmt , Finance
·         Harvard – General Mgmt ,Entrepreneurship
·         University of Michigan – Production/Operations
·         NYU (Stern)  finance
·         Columbia –Finance     

The best schools- Europe and UK
    HEC School
    of Management
  • IMD, Switzerland
  • London Business School ,UK
  • Manchester Business School

The best schools – ASIA
·                     ISB ,India
·                     CEIBS,China
·                     NUS , Singapore
·                     HKUST, ,Hong Kong

The best schools – Australia
·         Melbourne Business School
·         Australian Graduate Business School Management
·         Monash University

B-School Admission Criteria:
Primary factors
·         Academic Performance
·         GMAT Test Scores
·         Application Essays
Secondary Factors:
Work Experience, Recommendation letters, Extra-Circular Activities

Let's face it. By the time you're applying to business schools, there are only a limited number of things you can do in order to make yourself more marketable. The key is understanding where 80% of your effort should be focused … These are some of the factors B-schools look for in a candidate. There are all kinds of reasons the B-school admits you … not just your scores but other aspects of a person’s qualification, like academics, your application essays, good experience. In the B-school Admission – the whole is greater that sum of the parts.

Once you have a goal in life…you yearn to realize that goal with preponderance, dedication and gusto. Thus starts an odyssey of building a career ….In order to have a successful career you need determination and the unflinching passion to succeed.

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