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Pharmacy - Prescription for a rewarding Career

Careers in Pharmacy 
In India, the pharmacist’s career is still synonymous with dispensing medicines.
A peek at pharmacy career abroad reveals all of the mentioned below….
Well-rounded: Exciting blend of health care, direct patient contact, business, and technology
You  can choose a two -fold career path 
People Driven   Vs Industry driven
People Driven : Community Pharmacy/Hospital/Managed Care(review therapy) /Consulting/Drug Stores. Majority of pharmacists work in community pharmacy, but growing number of pharmacists working in other health care settings, such as…
 Industry Driven:
Pharmaceutical Companies: Pfizer, Merck --- research, Sales ,QA, Marketing.
(for Marketing/Sales look at special courses as in MBA in Marketing Mgmt offered at USP)
Govt labs: FDA ,NIH
Biotech Industry: Mol Bio techniques
Academics: Teaching & research
Medical publishing/Technical Writing:
Special career tracks like hospital management/administration –You  can Requisites : work experience of 2+ yrs , GMAT and TOEFL, MBA in Health Care Administration/ or University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.S. Program (with concentration in Hospital-Pharmacy Administration)

Choosing your specializations 
Choose your subjects wisely:
While taking up a degree program you want to decide on an intelligent mix of courses so that you are able to fit the job market and also match your interests
Apart from interests(align your project work here) consult seniors, faculty,
Study job market – for the past one year the trends are medicinal chemistry /pharmacology ( also applicable to RGUHS)
These are the some of the specializations available at the school of pharmacy – for a MS/PHD program
          Drug Discovery & Design(synthesis of new drugs)
    Fields; Medicinal Chemistry, Combinatorial chemistry, Biotechnology
          Drug Delivery: dosage of drugs
     Fields: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaco-kinetics
          Drug Action: how drug works in the body
    Fields :Molecular biology, Pharmacology, Pharmaco-dynamics, Biochemistry ,Toxicology
          Drug Analysis: Separating,identifying & quantifying components Fields :Analytical Chemistry
          Cost effectiveness of Medicines - Pharmaco-economcis
          Regulatory Affairs: Pharmacy Administration
Some top universities and their courses
Marketing for e.g MS in marketing  Univ of sciences , philadelphia
MS in Hospital administartion –Wisconson Madison ,Ohio State univ
Ohio State University and many other schools also offer Hospital Administration/Hospital Management – MBA

What does the shortage of pharmacists mean for pharmacy graduates?…
Growth in pharmacist jobs
More and more people today have started questioning the medicines they consume.
Due to this…
1.Increased life span
2.Sophistication of medicines
3.Increased emphasis in patient care
Salary Outlook
Placement Services at University of Georgia –Athens organizes career fairs each year –recent graduates have been placed in agencies like NIH, FDA,Pfizer
Their graduates have received multiple offers with a salary of $45,000.
Australia –starting salary is 9, 000 –12,000 dollars
UK the starting salary is 16,000 –21,000 pounds
Ideal career progression in terms of salary the range can be anywhere between 45K  80K  starting from a staff pharmacist to a pharmacy director 


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