Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bright kids fly out with scholarships

Funding Comes From Cambridge, LSE and Ivy League Universities
For the cream of Bangalore schools, the world is in their pocket. It's raining    scholarships, making the foreign education dream all too real.
Students of the class of 2014 at the International School Bangalore (TISB) have got a whopping $9.1 million in scholarships to study in foreign universities. Anindya Sharma from National Public School, Indiranagar, got a 100% scholarship at the prestigious Cambridge University .
“The scholarships are from prominent universities like London School of Economics, Russell Group Universities, UK, Stanford University , California Institute of Technology . The scholarships are only going up every year,“ said NPS chairman K P Gopalakrishna. At Canadian International School, all 54 students have got scholarships to the tune of $1.6 million, said school executive director Shweta Sastri.The story is no different at Indus International School (IIS) where at least 50 students have got $4.22 million to study undergraduate pro grammes at foreign universities. Lt. Gen (retd) Arjun Ray , CEO of IIS, said the quality of teaching, job opportunities abroad and research facilities in these universities is attracting students.
Interestingly , it's not just UK and the US. At Greenwood High International School (GHIS), 15 students have obtained scholarships worth $1.7 million. GHIS trustee Niru Agarwal said students are also heading to Singapore.
This year, around 20% of students got scholarships at Inventure Academy. Nooraine Fazal, managing trustee and co-founder of IA, said the entire four-year programme got a $350,000 scholarship while last year's scholarshipamount was significantlylower.The scholarships take care of tuition fee and living expenses, she added.
Santanu Das, principal of Sarala Birla Academy, said, “Around 60% of our students got the scholarship, approximately each student got $5,000 in scholarship on which they will go abroad to pursue UG courses in industrial engineering, journalism, sound system and other subjects.“
Clocking 97.6% in his Class 12 examination, Anindya Sharmafrom NPS Indiranagar bagged the Dr Manmohan Singh Award given by the Cambridge Trust. The 100% scholarship from the prestigious Cambridge University takes care of his tuition fee and boarding.
Winning is second nature for him. He won the bronze medal and a Best Solution award at the World Olympiad in Beijing, and was placed among the top 1% at the Physics Olympiad. “I'm taking up a four-year course in computer science and mathematics at Cambridge. I had to choose between IIT Chennai, IISc Bangalore, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute and Cambridge. I'm looking forward to do research in computer science with mathematics once I complete my course,“ he told TOI.

Source : TOI 18th Sep 2014

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