Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Student Testimonial

Thanks Igrad global


Monish Chandrasekar

6:02 AM (3 hours ago)
to meAnuradha
Hi Biruda,
Hope you are doing good! :)
I joined Rochester Institute of Technology. Sorry for informing so late! I moved to NY on 14th August.
I settled down on the accomodation, with the help of few folks on FB.The college is very good in terms of research and opportunities. People out here are very friendly. I managed to make it till here now :D. I'm currently looking for on campus jobs to compensate on some of the expenses.
It was a pleasure getting guidance from Igrad global. Thanks for all your support and guidance!
If any new students from Igrad are joining next fall/spring. I would definelty look forward to help them out with respect to RIT, because I saw how hard it is to set things up without knowing anybody here :)
Best wishes!

Congrats Monish , as I read this mail from him , can't express how happy we all at iGrad are for him 

Monish  was referred by our  past student Sourabha who has completed her MBA for SPjain Global He was aspiring for a degree either in CS or MIS , he has successfully secured an admit in UMBC for MIS for Spring 2016 , but decided to take up the CS admit in Rochester Institute of Technology with a scholarship. Way to go Monish , all the best and stay in touch .

Monish can be contact at Monish Chandrasekar <> for any info on his sucess story any inputs on RIT 

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