Thursday, 7 April 2016

Recommendations (LORs) - the long and short of it ...

How do letters of recommendation add to the storyline that your application creates?

Did you know that the way you're perceived by your professors or boss has a direct impact on your application? Not for nothing that you're always hearing the sage advice to better be in their good books.

Let's understand the WHO, WHAT and HOW of these letters.

People who know you technically/professionally. Not peers, uncles and friends please! Identify 3 such people who can vouch for you.

Should not contain just a list of adjectives, but rather an endorsement of your soft skills which are otherwise not reflected in your mark sheets. Desirable qualities might include good research and/or leadership skills, elucidated through examples and incidences.

These are sent mostly online through application forms by providing their official ids and receiving a link and updating the content.


  • These are confidential letters not to be seen by the applicant.
  • The designation and qualification of the person providing the recommendation does not matter as much the content and relevance.

A bad reference can turn an admission decision. After all, it is other people's opinion about you that also matters in securing that coveted ADMIT!!

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