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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Pre-departure Planning: Do's and don't for your packing list

Things to keep in Mind

• Check out with your airline or

shipping agent to find out what your

baggage allowance is.

• Plan your onward travel from the

airport to your final destination –

your university

• Make sure you have received a letter

of unconditional acceptance from

your college or university

• Find out how many goods you are

allowed to bring in the country you

plan to study in, and which items are


• If you are taking any prescribed drugs

or medicines, ask your doctor to

write a letter explaining what they

are and why you are taking them

• Start gathering all the items and

documents you are taking with you –

make sure you have everything

before you start packing

• Buy any extra items you need e.g.

money, belt, photos of yourself,


• Label all your luggage with your

name and address

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