Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Making the right university choice !!

Let's face it. 
By the time you're applying to business schools, there are only a limited number of things you can do in order to make yourself more marketable. The key is understanding where 80% of your effort should be focused …
These are some of the factors universities look for in a candidate. There are all kinds of reasons why the university admits you … not just your scores but other aspects of a person’s qualification, like academics, your application essays, good experience.
In the Admissions – the whole is greater that sum of the parts ---

1.       Do not base you judgment on hearsay
2.       Analyze your needs and what does the program offer.
3.       Does the deliverables of the program fit your future professional needs?

            Ask yourself the reason for doing the Masters- career change, enhancement, go up the financial ladder..

          Parameters for selection, the more scientific  approach:
               1.Career Goals
               2.Program Flexibility & Curriculum( Electives or Specializations)
                3.Faculty Expertise & Quality
                4.Career Placement
                5.Reputation of the Program & Ranking
                7.Length of the Program
                 8.Cost of the Program & Financial  impact
                 9.Student Body &Culture

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