Monday, 27 August 2012

Careers In your major !!

Why/How to Specialize for  a Global Master’s Degree ??

This was the theme of the recently conducted webinar on 25th August at 10 pm by Biren and Me 

Are you someone who recognizes the potential of a field and pursues it or are you someone who focuses only on a secure job and a full pay packet? What is the sunrise sector today may not be tomorrow, if you have chosen straight & narrow path? Where do you go then.

Do you have it in you? What will be the area of opportunity ten years later?

It is great to have opportunities around us and make the most of them when they arrive; you need to find out whether you are going to be at the helm of change or at the tail-end of it.

Advantages of Choosing a Specialization:

·         Gain deeper insight in one particular sub-discipline
·         Gives an edge for a job opening

How to Specialize:

Study the emerging trends, and map your interests. The course that you choose to apply for will depend on your qualification, electives taken, related projects, seminars, papers presented, industrial training, internship and / or related work experience.

Someone had rightly said “Make hay while the sun shines”, since opportunities knock your door only once in the lifetime, make the most of them.

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