Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Your gmat score is not that important

If you read what the admissions officers from some of the best business schools have to say you’ll realize that good gmat score & gpa on their own are not enough to get you into any of the top MBA programs.  Angel Navedo, Assistant Director of Admissions at the MIT Sloan School of Management, for example, states unequivocally that “grades and test scores only get your foot in the door they don’t open it.” 
So how do you get past the threshold?  To gain admittance to the school of your choice you have to be able to sell yourself. Unfortunately, most of us find it easier to describe our weaknesses than our strengths.  And even if you are able to blow your own trumpet with finesse, do you really know what the Admission Committees are looking for?
·        Essay writing – essays are probably the most important part of your application. Winning the MBA Admissions game, will show you how to generate ideas and present yourself in the best light, as well as remind you of the fundamentals of good writing such as sentence construction and paragraph length.
·        Recommendations – no matter how wonderful the writer may think you are, no amount of hyperbole is going to impress the Admissions Officers if it is not backed up by any evidence of the skills valued by the school.  Recruiters are looking for recommendations which are detailed and which support the qualities and experience you claim.  Winning the MBA Admissions game will tell you what the ideal recommendation looks like and who would be the best person to approach for a solid recommendation.
·        Experience – what does your work experience say about you?  Have you changed jobs often or perhaps have only part-time work reflected on your resume?  Using Winning the MBA Admissions game you will learn how to downplay your weaknesses and emphasise your strengths.  Remember, even if you have been in full-time employment in a relevant field, it is still important to be able to explain how this experience has prepared you for the MBA program.

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