Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beyond GRE /GMAT scores

 Curious to know more...
              ..  and you always thought that GRE scores were your passport to maketh your dreams of getting into a top global masters program.

This was the theme of the Webinar I hosted along with Biren; on skype  on Friday , 17th August at 10pm.

We are not to be blamed , our entire DNA has been designed in such a fashion since the age of 3 , where our minds have been trained to ready ourselves for competitive aptitude tests similar  to GRE /GMAT which have fetched us admissions to schools and also fetched us top MNC jobs .

What  the Graduate schools look at are not aptitude test GRE /GMAT scores alone , but a sum total of your entire self  while seeking deserving candidates for admissions .
It is a subjective selection process where:

 "the sum of parts  > WHOLE YOU "

So, let it is worth working on your overall profile rather than fretting  over low aptitude test scores ... after all its just  a four hour test , which does not decide your entire future.

More on this block ... coming up next   ..Key Admission Criteria 

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