Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Success story

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.  ~Confucius

Those are the very words with which I had started my statement of purpose - the one that got me where I am today. After my Masters at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), I was sure that I wanted to take my research experience to the next level, but didn't quite know the right channels to explore. My struggle with a very myopic view of the admissions process led me to failures despite having an appealing profile.

It was not until I was introduced to Ms. Biruda that I was able to understand the big picture, and consequently, the right way to approach the application process. With her able guidance, I secured multiple admits from prestigious universities in the US (Ivy league, no less) and have been pursuing my PhD at Texas A&M University since Fall 2008. Here, not only have I been pursuing research in an area that I am passionate about, but I have also established and worked for organizations that benefit hundreds of new students that come from India every year to TAMU to chase their dreams and aspirations. I am sure that my experience with the needs of these students and also relating to those of my own when I was in their shoes not too long ago gives me the ability to reach out to a lot more potential graduate students who are/will be going through the rigours of the admission process.

It is with this attitude of service that I decided to join forces with Ms. Biruda and established GradConsulting with a view to helping aspirants focus their efforts towards securing admissions in well reputed universities around the world and making the transition to these universities. 

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